A Love Filled Local Wedding

When longtime customers Beth and Jarrod started planning their wedding late last year, I was so excited when they immediately came to me for candles to use on their reception tables! Beth and Jarrod are two people who are really involved in my local entrepreneurial/friends community and what they really wanted was to have as local of a day as possible. They are two amazing people who really genuinely care about things so to be able to be part of their wedding was so heartwarming AND then to go to it and celebrate with them was a blast. You never know when you meet people that would be such a great addition to your own life. As one of our friends said at their wedding "You know, this is one of the rare weddings that I go to where I really care a lot about the people getting married." It was a really spot-on way to explain how a lot of us feel about them.

Beth and I chatted a little bit about what they were kind of going for with their wedding, but knowing them, I knew vintage containers had to be the way to go. They are on the board of the Pennyworth Thrift Shop in our neighborhood and Beth said to me something along the lines of - "You know - something that would be on our own coffee table at home, but nicer." So in their case that means books, candles, wine glasses and vintage looking knick knacks. Roses are her favorite flower, so there were plenty of those too. The beeswax-soy blend was perfect for the room - not too scented, a great light and September is National Honey Month so it worked out so well. :) 

When I say "local wedding" let me tell you how much these two were not fucking around: escort cards on old school library cards by our crafty pal Craftgasm; a veil by another crafty pal, Stitch and Rivet; hand lettering by my co-conspirator, Christy over at the Unofficial Hand Lettering Society of Silver Spring; coasters / favors by Typecase Industries based in DC and an awesome photobooth by Photo in a Box. There were a lot of amazing drinks had, so I'm probably forgetting more. 

P.S. Drinks --> awesome photo booth sessions. Pictured above: hangover coffee.

Check out some photos of their day on their photographer's blog Jonna Michelle Photography! (She also did my wedding too!) Oh yea, I'm forgetting the fact that they took pre-wedding photos at Fenton Street Market, where I vend a lot and where we actually met! <3 <3

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