Makers Monday

Moment of Truth: I got really excited about Cyber Monday and totally forgot about Makers Monday. Shwoops. Though, online shopping for me is really just perusing Etsy and maybe actually buying one of those things that I've been eye balling for years. 

This year I keep hearing that holiday shopping is down. Americans are buying less. Americans are shopping online more. We care less about gifts, and frankly I'm kind of there, guys. I'm tired of spending tons of money on people every holiday season on crap they don't need. The only people I want to shop for are my nephews and niece but honestly, they kind of already have everything. I don't need gifts myself. I'm an adult and I'll buy myself whatever I want, whenever I want because I'm childless and irresponsible. Why am I stressing out trying to do every holiday market possible between now and Christmas and then not even enjoying the actual holiday? After working every weekend straight for more than a month, I don't really enjoy driving a million places to see people that I see all the time. My family is close. There is a standing dinner date you can go see everyone at if you'd like to once a week. I guess, what's the point, right? Why are we doing this to ourselves?!?!? The commercialness of the holiday season is so Whoville and I feel a little Grinchy this year.

But today once I woke up and realized that it was Makers Monday, I felt a little better. Spending my holiday season sharing the things that I love with the people in my life is a much better way to go about gift giving, instead of my usual last-minute Target shopping. Being at markets on the reg gives you so much time to get to know all these makers, designers and awesomely passionate people that live in your own neighborhood. So this year, I'm only buying local. I'm only supporting stuff that's super awesome and made with love and creativity in every stitch. I won't spoil all the gifts that I'll be buying people, but they may include locally written comic books, awesome handmade jewelry, books and notebooks made in DC (uh, did you even know that was possible?!) or from DC bookshops and of course, all the local caffeine money can buy. In case you wanted to shop for me (hint hint Mr HH), I'm craving all the goodies at Printed Wild this year, all the goodies from littlegreenthings, and hoping to replace all my non-ceramic mugs with ones made by Whim and Vigor.

You can't buy love this holiday season, but you can definitely give it. 

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