December in a Flash

HH at Parcel Market Dec 2015

HH at Parcel Market Dec 2015

On the eve of the New Year before we leave all our Christmas decorations and candy canes behind, I wanted to share a recap of the month because it was a C R A Z Y one and ultimately the month of my life that proved that when left to my own devices with no boss, no schedule, no guarantee of success, I could pull it off - with all the help from the best of course.

People who always get the best shout outs- Mr HH for hustlin candles with me across the city with his handsome candle man face; mom for bringing lunch in between museum hopping; my uncle for letting me borrow pieces of his home for display props; and my sister for covering markets for me. Who knew it took such a village to run this little business?

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And of course, pals, we could not do this without you. You who have crazy doubled our online output and tested the strength of ALL that we can and want to do for you. You all are awesome and reaffirm that passion we found in ourselves to melt that first pot of wax. Thank you for a beautiful 2015, friends. We can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for us together.