Hibernation Essentials

The gifts are unwrapped, the champagne has been popped and now it's time to settle into 2016 and Be Well.

This is the time of year that I embark on my annual treat of self care, which for me means chocolates, tea and artistic discovery. While I'm nestled in with my grown-up coloring books, home decor books and fancy homemade lattes, this is what I like to fill my home with: Meet Our Hibernation Essentials

Some highlights and things I love:

Palo Santo sticks: to clean the vibes and freshen the home, especially during this time of year when the windows stay shut tight until Spring.

Rosewater Spray: to freshen and hydrate when the long, dry days of Winter test the skin to a breaking point.

Aromatherapy Eye Pillows: to nourish the eyes and soothe the brain. After a long holiday season, I usually sleep 10 hours a night for a while just to catch up and the eye pillow helps me make up for all those nights I spent lying awake making mental to-do lists.

Jane Eyre Vanilla Soy Candle: Filling the home with the sweet scent of vanilla to feel cozy and warm and fuzzy


And how I spend my days:

With this Himalayan Sea Salt lamp bringing in all the positive energy - best Christmas present ever!

I poured through Justina Blakeney's The New Bohemians over the last week and a half getting inspiration for my & Mr HH's new apartment and then we spent the last few weeks decorating and painting and making Important Decisions about where the curtains should all go.

Coloring in my new I Heart My Hair Coloring Book by Andrea Pippins! It is the best.

Plus, Mr HH and I have a great new project for the year: he makes me drinks, I draw them. Meet BRAMINA House.

Welcome to the new year, friends. Who's excited?!?