Candles & Books: A Behind the Scenes Look

Some of my favorite shots from a recent re-shoot of my large candle tins. It came about in conversation recently that I do collect vintage copies of my favorite books [not for slicing up]. I recently got a good copy of Emma [not pictured above] and I have multiple copies of both Wuthering Heights and Pride and Prejudice that I cannot and will not ever part with. These books are the joys of my life. I also collect different editions of Harry Potter but if I ever cut one of those up my sister might actually excommunicate me from my family. So instead they sit on their own special shelf along with my Lego Knight Bus. 

And where do I find these gems you may ask?

At one of my favorite local spots: Silver Spring Used Books

One of the best parts of working the way that I do [from home and local coffee shops + for the neighborhood craft market that I also sell at] is really being able to get involved in the local community and getting to know all that the neighborhood has to offer. The first time I ever set foot in Silver Spring Used Books was when I was in college and on the lookout for a new-to-me used book store. There was one in my hometown - Second Looks Books - that my parents had racked up obscene amounts of store credit at. I don't know if I ever actually paid for a book there. My parents had donated so many books in the genres of Egyptian historical fiction and Regency romance that it was embarrassing. 

Now that we don't live there, SSUB has filled that gap in my life - towering shelves of beautiful books and amazing finds that just won't quit. Just about every candle tin I have ever covered contains pages from books that were found within these walls, and most of the books in my apartment also come from there. The owners are always hanging around listening to NPR and sporting literary and literacy themed t-shirts [I kid you not]. It is amazing. Everything from the wafting distinctly 'book' smell to the clutter is exactly what a used book store should be. 

Their web presence is minimal so don't mind the Yelp link (and reviews from Barnes and Noble-ers). Go there with an open mind and open heart and accept what beautiful new coffee table book might be staring down at you. Or Hardy Boys book from your childhood. I know for a fact that a gorgeous copy of Alice in Wonderland is sitting on a shelf waiting to be collected, as are dozens of handy Cliff Notes in case a full book is just not for you, but you'd still like to know what happens in War and Peace just to be relevant. Personally, I'm always hunting for a good copy of The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. I have The House at Pooh Corner already. Just need the first to complete the set.

938 Bonifant Street | Silver Spring, MD. No go and wander well.