How To: Clean Out Your Candle Tins & Jars

As a career crafter, I send a lot of candles into new homes. It warms my heart (and hopefully yours), but the last thing that I want is a bunch more metal and glass going into landfills after your candle has fulfilled it's life purpose. So here you have it - how to clean out your used candle tins and jars so they can, in their reincarnation, live on your windowsills, in your craft rooms and even join you at work.

Step 1: burn your candle until less than 1/4" wax remains

Step 2: boil water, and make a cup of tea while you're at it

Step 3: pour boiling water into empty candle containers to melt residue wax

Step 4: pour out water carefully - glass and metal does get hot!

Step 5: wipe container clean with a paper towel

Step 6: if the wick tab is still left behind, scrape it out with a putty knife

Step 7: fill your jar or tin with anything you like! our favorite things to use them for are plants, washi tape and office supplies.

NOTE: try not to spill water on the outside of the tins- it may cause the book pages to wrinkle or come off of the tins.

Thanks to my wonderful friend Boosaba for sharing her upcycled Handmade Habitat candle tin sitting on her desk at work.

P.S. If you loved your HH candle and would like another in the same jar or tin, send us an email! We love reusing our containers, and have a special refill deal! 

Questions on the upcycling process? Leave 'em in the comments!