Our Fall / Holiday Collection: WARMTH

Warmth. Though we just left the warmer days of Summer, it's all I'm craving these days. Don't get me wrong- I love the cold, crisp air that this time of year brings, but at the end of the day, I just want a sweater so cozy it feels more like a blanket, and to be surrounded by intoxicating Fall flowers in the warm glow of candlelight.


As the leaves start changing and the flowers start fading for the year, everything becomes so colorful, so whimsical, so abstract and so beautiful. Lately, I've become really fascinated with wilting flowers. Nature is telling us to hibernate. To find a warm, safe space and settle in for the season. I'm a nester by nature, but Winter hibernation is an especially sacred time for me.

It's a time to gather; to rest; to appreciate all we have; and to reminisce about time, that tricky devil. 

The WARMTH collection embodies all these ideas. Shop four seasonal scents in bright and cozy tins and jars. We're so happy to bring this collection to life and we know you'll love it.