It's Maker Monday! Your Guide to Shopping Local this Season

Presies for my selfie, that I bought at NPR's All Crafts Considered ft.  Grey Moggie Press ,  Whim and Vigor Ceramics  and  Elizabeth Graeber .

Presies for my selfie, that I bought at NPR's All Crafts Considered ft. Grey Moggie Press, Whim and Vigor Ceramics and Elizabeth Graeber.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. One of my absolute favorite things about running this creative business is getting to meet and be inspired by other creative people and businesses. To me, MAKERS make the world go round. 

While today is "Maker Monday," and Saturday was "Small Business Saturday," I'll tell you that I honestly have some misgivings about these events. As much good as they do drawing attention to our creative worlds, we often forget that we can support makers and small businesses all year, not just once during the holiday season. That's why today, I encourage you to inject consciousness into your holiday shopping this year. Commit to shopping small and shopping handmade all season, not just today. Get to know the local businesses that give your neighborhoods life, culture and character. Learn the stories of the makers behind your favorite coffee mug. Chances are, they are pouring their blood, sweat, tears and love into these goods for good reasons that come with amazing stories.

Today I want to highlight some of my personal favorite makers / shakers / go-to local gifts around. Here it is, our Shop Local / Shop Handmade DC-area gift guide. 

Wear & Carry

At Home


Compiling this list has only made me realize how much more I want to squeeze in. Check your local art stores for great gifts for creatives; all your local coffee shops for mugs and beans; your local record store (yes, those exist!) for vinyl; your local markets for soaps and cards especially! There is so much vibrancy in our local creative communities that for me at least, there is no reason to spend a dime in corporate America this holiday season. 

Looking for more local? Check Made in DC and maybe we'll feature some more awesomeness this holiday season. There is SO MUCH to find!