May Candle Subscription: Hey Mama

Moms are JUST THE BEST. My mom is awesome, though I'll confess something to you- she's not really a candle person, ha. I don't know where I got this addiction from. (Truthfully, I know that I got it from my dad. He loves candles.) 

Even though my mom isn't a crazy candle lady, maybe your mom / grandmother / favorite aunt / Mother-in-Law / kick-ass mama bestie / best mama figure is?! It's almost Mother's Day and we've teamed up with our new pal, Simply Gifted to offer a baller giveaway. Enter to win TWO May Candle Subscription boxes! One for you AND one for your favorite mom! Maybe you're not lucky enough to live 15 minutes away from your mom like I am. So maybe burning the same candle miles apart is a nice way to feel a little closer together. Plus, we think you'll both love this scent. 

Our May Candle Subscription includes a Lotus Blossom scented soy candle (now available in this little 9 oz jar as part of our Signature Candle Line) and a pair of Hey Hot Mama matches

Why a lotus flower for mom? The lotus flower blooms through the mud. It's a symbol of heart-opening and the expansion of the soul. This scent is uplifting, floral but with distinct Earth tones. This is one of my favorite scents, one that I find to be really well-balanced, like the life that so many moms live. The Lotus Blossom calms me, makes me feel a little more grounded and at ease at the end of the day, which is something that I think a lot of women, and moms in particular are always striving for in their busy lives. Show that strong, powerful female role model that you totally get it, and by the way, thanks for keeping it so together for all of us.

See our feature on Simply Gifted! & Enter to Win the Giveaway here and here on Instagram. 

Thanks to Simply Gifted for all the amazing photos!