Sure, candles are our main thing, but self care for us goes a little deeper than reading by candlelight before bed. "Self Care" was not a term I would really say was deeply invested in until recently. I didn't even have a beauty regimen until I was in my 20s and it mostly included dousing my face in water every morning before dashing out the door for a coffee. 

But now, I have a philosophy: What we put on our bodies should be simple, but powerful. We're talking about natural botanicals and plant based oils. Nature gives us so many gifts and harnessing their natural power to work with our body and skin (instead of against it like many synthetic products do) to enhance our natural powers is the best recipe for radiant skin.


Sundays: Take a soothing 15 minute break with our Floral Facial Steam to open pores. Then, exfoliate + moisturize with our Pink Salt Facial Scrub.

Every Morning: Rinse face with water, apply Radiant Rose Water Toner and moisturizer. For a bonus jolt of am energy, apply Warrior Balm on neck to kickstart the day.

Every Evening: Wash face with a cream facial cleanser and apply Radiant Rose Water Toner. Massage Savasana Perfume Balm to temples before bed for a restful sleep.

*Bonus-- The HH Headache Cure: Spritz face with Happy Rose Water Spray, massage Savasana Balm to temples and wrists and lay back with an Aromatherapy Eye Pillow over the eyes.

It's as simple as that. Pure magic.

This Summer we're offering a special deal on some of our skin care essentials so you can do well by your body.

The Magic Facial Trio

Enhance your natural glow with this magical trio. It contains:

  • Floral Facial Steam containing four different magical flowers to open and cleanse your pores
  • Pink Salt Facial Scrub containing Himalayan pink salt, organic coconut oil, organic jojoba oil, calendula flowers and geranium essential oil to exfoliate and moisturize your skin all at once
  • Radiant Rose Water Toner containing rose water, witch hazel and geranium oil to even your skin tone and remove dirt and dust

Now go be as lovely as ever.

The Rest Well Beauty Trio

Go forth and rest well with this beauty trio. It contains:

  • Aromatherapy Eye Pillow filled with organic lavender buds, organic chamomile flowers and organic flax seed to relax the mind and body
  • Rose Water Spray containing only pure rose water to cool the skin and soothe the soul
  • Savasana Perfume Balm containing soy wax, organic jojoba oil and lavender and eucalyptus essential oils to relax and soothe the mind and body

This is also a great migraine cure! Massage Savasana Balm into temples, spray face with Happy Rose Water Spray and rest the Aromatherapy Eye Pillow over eyes.