YogaWorks Pop-Up

I've said it before and I'll say it again: my number one favorite thing about DC is it's DIVERSITY. I play with the idea of moving somewhere new all the time, but DC's diversity is always the thing that keeps me here. It's is something I know that I take for granted until it's gone, because as soon as I venture outside of the beltway, I start feeling it - I stick out. People stare at me and my husband for so many possible reasons and it's just unsettling. Back in my cozy comfort zone inside the beltway, we're just two little dots in a huge pointillism painting. In our little community, I've learned to never assume anything about anyone, ever. I've gotten so good at not responding with a surprised tone when someone tells me their offbeat hobby or spiritual affiliation. The eclecticness is what makes our world so colorful.

Popping up in the YogaWorks space for their Grand Opening in July was so fun. I got to make so many new yogi pals, plus I ran into some old ones. Yoga, wellness, meditation - it can all be so great for us. Kombucha, juice, henna, green beauty, organic everything - in five years we'll likely look back at this time as being absurd, as we do with all past times, but right now wellness and environmentalism is king in our little bubble, and to me, there has never been a better trend for the world.

Photos from YogaWorks.