Summer Lotus Adventures

Earlier this week I took a morning break to visit DC's Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens while the lotus flowers were in bloom. I love big, green spaces, and taking a walk around the ponds was exactly what I needed that morning.

There is something peaceful about being away from city noise and putting distance between me and my to-do lists. It helps me breathe, appreciate the magical world around us, and clear my head. I try to take walks on the paths through my neighborhood most days each week, but changing the view was blissful.


I think that flowers can often be used to symbolize cosmetic beauty or fragility, but these tall, strong beings show so much more than that. Through my eyes, I saw power and grace; strength and ease.

The lotus flower is symbolic in many cultures. Despite rooting in muddy waters, the lotus flower blooms high above them. They symbolize purity, enlightenment and detachment. It's bloom and unfolding petals represent the expansion of the soul. You'll find this magical flower in the lore and origin stories of many gods and goddesses.

Our Lotus Blossom scent also reflects this. It has an earthy, musky base with light top floral notes. It's uplifting and grounding, easeful and soothing. A perfect scent for a relaxing Summer. 

These big leaves and beautiful blooms also inspired a few pieces for my 100 days of bad art project. I'm nearing the end, but this final boost of inspiration is just what I needed to send myself over the finish line. 


If you can, I recommend making a trip out to a pond of lotus flowers this summer before they fade away. There's nothing like seeing a flower that's taller than you IRL.



P.S. Shh enjoy a sneak peek of what we have coming. Stay tuned!