Our Habitat: Summer Stillness

Our Habitat: our new digital zine on how we're living through the seasons

Grand Adventures

A great escape to grand places can instill a sense of connectivity + belonging; a perspective of space + time; and an inner peace + stillness. 

Off we went to the Grand Canyon and red rocks of Sedona, Arizona last Summer. We arrived there with anxiety, stress + worries. We left with calm, peace + a bliss that only blistering heat and majestic earthly wonders can provide.


Though the Summer is filled with full-sun living, we don't have to rush through everything. Linger. Enjoy. Find your path.

After all, grand things don't happen all at once. They take time.

Sacred Space: Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park, Sedona, Arizona

A spiritual destination for people of all faiths to find prayer, peace, ritual and stillness within the red rocks.



spaces to collect objects + trinkets we feel a closeness to

spaces to leave offerings in exchange for good fortune

Creating a home altar: find a calm space in your home, a small table or shelf, and items you feel an attachment to. Arrange them here to your liking. A home altar can be a focal point for a meditation / yoga space, or creative space. Stock your favorite pillows, candles, crystals and colored pencils nearby. A family home altar can incorporate items loved by the entire household. Gravitate here to feel grounded, connected, and at peace.


Plant life lessons: stay hydrated, bloom slowly.

The heat is draining. The best way to cope is to be a little stiller. A little patient. A little more deliberate.

It's the only way to soak up all the sun.

More Summer Stillness

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Drink: chamomile + lavender + honey tea (room temperature)

Do: Take a walk.

Eat: water-filled fruits + veggies. Watermelon, cucumbers and grapes are our favorite.

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