Monday Mantras

For the past few weeks, I've been thinking about mantras, quotes and words that inspire me. On Mondays, I share these on Instagram. It helps set me up for the week. It also helps remind me to keep good things in my mind + my vibe. 

This was from a rainy Monday. A really lovely sentiment from pavana. As a candle maker, rainy days are kind of my jam - moody, slow, chill days where I can dive into a good book and light my favorite candle. 

This was the Monday after Charlottesville. I was feeling a little despaired, a little grieved, a little morally unsettled with the politics of race and injustice. Sometimes I feel incredibly infuriated how people can point to skin as a symptom of difference, inferiority. We are all humans born on this planet with the right to bloom. Why is it that some of us do and some of us don't? We need to really, critically evaluate our environment so we all can bloom. 

For the solar eclipse Monday, I spent time in shared joy, watching the sun + moon cross paths, and also watching my neighbors all enjoying in this magic. I spent a lot of time enjoying the energy of the day + appreciating how much the sun + earth give us. We have nothing without them.

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