Warmth, Our Holiday Collection


Warmth. Our holiday collection is here. For cooler days and darker nights, we’re here with all the sentiments of the season. To Gather with loved ones. For enjoying the Bounty of the season. Even for indulging in a little Nostalgia.


I was so excited to revamp last year’s line, add a new size of candle tumblers this season, and hand illustrate and hand letter all the packaging. I’ve always wanted to put my botanical doodles to good work, and I think they’ve found a perfect home with our holiday collection.

This season we are excited to again be donating a portion of sales from this collection to Friendship Place, a DC nonprofit that works to help people experiencing or at risk of homelessness find stable housing and rebuild their lives. Because everyone should have a place to call home.

A look into our process of dreaming and sketching.


Gather, our most classic holiday scent is a blend of cinnamon, orange, and clove. It’s perfect for Thanksgiving. I don’t know how your family does Thanksgiving, but my mom stuffs her turkey with oranges and it makes her house smell so delightful. This scent takes me back there. My one qualm with the holidays is that there’s so much build-up for just one day of celebrations. This scent extends that sentiment, and my favorite of the holidays, which is Thanksgiving.


Bounty is my personal favorite of the holiday scents. A blend of fresh pine and sweet wild berries, this is such a great substitute for a Christmas tree, if that’s not your thing. It brings all those good wintery scents indoors and even extends the bounty past the holidays and into hibernation season.


Nostalgia, the scent of the past. Everything looks warmer and fuzzier with time, doesn’t it. A friend of mine once said this scent reminded her of her grandfather, and if that’s not the best compliment I’ve ever gotten, than I don’t know what is. Amber and vanilla is warm and musky, feeling the weight of the season. Did you know that amber is a natural fossilizer? It’s inherent tie to the past is my favorite, and definitely takes me back to holidays and seasons past.

Our holiday gift box is filled with 4 oz travel tins of all three holiday scents. Great as a gift, or to split into stockings. For gifts of all shapes and sizes. Available November 2018.