DIY Flower Arranging

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite flower arrangements from over the past year. I'm a big fan of creating simple arrangements with whatever I have around. When the weather is warm I like to pick up a few strands of flowers from the farmer's market, or even pluck them off of trees or bushes from around my neighborhood. I'm also well known for my extensive collection of dead + dried out plants. I love their architectural quality as they dry out and they're a great way to keep the charm going in the Winter.

Whether you're picking up blooms from the grocery store, plucking them from your own little rose garden, or finding big blooms in the dumpster because you're lucky enough to work in a building with multiple florists, here are some simple tips for flower arranging:

1. Cut flowers at different heights to create dimension.

2. Don't overlook the greenery! I've used spare strands from Christmas garlands in tiny arrangements, bamboo leaves, and I also have strands of leaves sitting in glass + water waiting to sprout new roots. They can be an easy accent to your flowers.

3. Keep to a limited color pallet. Don't do too much. My favorite arrangements are all in one or two types of blooms. It makes for a simple accent that fits on the edge of a shelf, in the corner of your bathroom, or on a window sill in the kitchen. It doesn't have to be a centerpiece! 

4. And finally, a word on vases. Our mantra candle jars make lovely little vases once your candle has burned all the way out! But we also love using cracked (but not all the way broken) glasses and vintage water pitchers found at the thrift store. (The top center vase of yellow billy buttons is a vintage graduated cylinder!)

Enjoy, friends! If you end up using these tips to arrange a little bouquet, share with us on instagram! Tag us @handmadehabitat.