Wick Trimmers

Wick Trimmers


These antique-inspired wick trimmers are a coffee table must have. Use them to keep your wicks trimmed nice and tight for an optimum burning experience.

When you don't trim your wicks, your wicks can become too long, curl over, and the weight can cause it to descend under melted wax after you have blown your candle out. By keeping your wicks trimmed to 1/4" before each use, you maximize the burn time of your candle! 

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Handmade Habitat all natural soy wax candles and beauty goods are consciously crafted to be healthy for the body, home and Mother Earth.

Our candles are made with US-produced soy wax, scented with a combination of essential oils and certified all natural botanical fragrance oils, and embedded with a braided wick of cotton and recycled paper to create a beautiful atmosphere in your home.

For the best burn, trim your wicks to ¼” before each lighting. Burn your candles for three hours at a time, or at least until the entire surface of the candle has evenly melted down.

Our beauty goods are made with natural salts, oils, botanicals, and fragrances to enhance your natural glow.

Read more about our practices here.


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