Our Holiday Gift Guide

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Oh, the Holidays.

I'm not religious at all, but I love the holiday season. For me, it feels like the time to say to the people around me "hey, I love and care about you + who you are + what you're going through." Each year brings growth and change for all of us, and it's so important to reconnect with the people in our lives every year. 

When it comes to gifting, I'm a firm believer in functional gifts that are made with love. If we're going to spend our money anyway this time of year, we should do so mindfully, right? We can spend our dollars with companies that do good, support our local economy and environment, and give more personal gifts. 

Today, I'm happy to share our holiday gift guide featuring good scents, gift sets and practical presents for the people in your life. Here you'll also find some of our personal go-to non-scented gifts made by our artist + maker friends. Things like cards, mugs and soap, all handmade and where your money goes right back into the local economy. So sit tight, grab a mug of tea, and enjoy our 2017 holiday gift round-up.

For the Yogi

For your friend that loves yoga or the yoga teacher in your life that has revolutionized your hamstrings, our yogi gift sets are perfect. Each comes with a candle from our yogi collection, a roll on perfume and a shibori dyed eye pillow to enhance your practice + presence.

Give A Self Care Day

Our line of self care day gift sets each come with a candle, a bottle of bath salts, and a roll on perfume to nourish, renew and restore the body and soul. Each gift set is composed of a different scent profile to help achieve what you need. For the overworked teacher? How about Restore. For the green tea enthusiast? How about Renew. For your favorite flower child? Nourish is the way to go.

For the Candle Lover

We all have a person in our lives who loves candles to death. For them, we have candle subscriptions and gift boxes to light up their world. Our candle subscriptions are a perfect gift for loved ones far away that you may not see for the holidays. We manage shipments from our DC studio and will send their box straight to them each month or season.

For the Holiday Helper

For the person who loves the holiday season and loves giving back, our holiday collection, WARMTH, is perfect. Scented for all the good holiday vibes, our collection also donates a portion of sales to Friendship Place, a nonprofit organization in Washington, DC working to end homelessness and rebuild lives. Because everyone should have a place to call home. 

$25 and Under

For White Elephants, Secret Santas, neighbors and coworkers, we have plenty of gifts under $25 for crossing everyone off your list. 

Scents That Can Do No Wrong

Buying scents for people can be tricky but here you'll find our most loved candles + gifts that you can't go wrong with. 

Our Non-Scented Go-To Gifts

Since I can't personally give everyone a candle from my studio every Christmas, I love giving gifts that are made by my maker friends. Maybe it's just me, but handmade is the way to go for the holidays! When I was a kid, I would make everyone gifts for Christmas every year - journals, hats, scarves, blankets, everything. Now, I leave the making up to other artists that truly inspire me. See some of them below!


A beautiful card and a tin of cookies go a long way as gifts for neighbors, postal workers, holiday party hosts, and your favorite barista! I love this cookie card from Grey Moggie Press. Some of my other go-to card makers include Fancy Seeing You Here, Miks Letterpress+ and Katharine Watson.


Staying on the edibles theme, I love collecting and gifting handmade mugs. They are so unique and comforting. Sometimes I'll pair it with a bag of coffee beans from one of my favorite local coffee shops, and I always hoard mugs from my favorite ceramic artists like Kuzeh Pottery (above), Whim and Vigor, and Pazmino Ceramics.


Okay, yes this is a scented gift too. Handmade soap is one of life's best luxuries, and there are such a huge variety of soap makers that you can find exactly what you're looking for. I love Mare Naturals' beeswax soap, and Caravan Organics' vegan soap, and always keep a stock at home for myself and to give! P.S. Soap fits perfectly into stockings!

And For When All Else Fails

A gift card is always the best choice! We now have gift cards in our shop that send digitally to the recipient, or that can be printed and tucked inside a letterpress card. P.S. We have one of those now in the shop now, too! 

Happy Holidays, friends! May you find the time to drink hot chocolate by the fire, catch up with old friends, and remix your favorite holiday songs. If you'd like to do that with us IRL this season, our holiday markets + events schedule is here on the site. Xx