Spring Seasonal Candle Subscription

Spring is officially here! And with it is our Spring Seasonal Candle Subscription box

Our seasonal subscribers get treated to something a little different than our monthly ones do. These packages are specifically tailored to the season at hand, rather than just the month, and run a little larger than our monthly deliveries do, as well.

This month, in the spirit of all things floral and blossoming, we've got some favorite scents and goods coming your way. My personal favorite, the lotus blossom soy candle comes in this month's delivery accompanied by a light and delicious jasmine green tea and pair of hey hot mama matches. It's about to be warm again (though it reverted back to Winter here in DC), and we cannot wait for all the flower picking, farmers market strolling, picnic-having weather that is sure to come. 

I'm a huge tea drinker all year long. Spring is the time where I switch from heavy milky chais to light, floral and herbal teas. Green tea is a personal favorite because it gives energy without the jitteriness that you can get from coffee. And this green tea is particularly charming with its infusion of jasmine, making it floral, warm and just perfectly Springy. 

Spring is a season of lots of growth, change and transition. While it's great to embrace all of that, be sure not to overindulge and lose yourself in the springing forward and all the things you've been waiting all Winter to do again. That's why I love this lotus blossom candle. It's springy and bright; uplifting and fresh; but also has an earthy grounding base that roots me at the end of a long day. It's a perfect candle for your Spring evenings or lazy Sundays. Light it, brew a pot of tea while you listen to the birds chirp outside your window. All the best of the Spring things.